Flight Simulator Screensaver

Flight Simulator Screensaver

Flight Simulator Screensaver puts fighter jets on your screen

Flying! One of the most enjoyable and wished experiences in our lives. And those of us who like speed and risk wouldn't mind piloting a fighter jet!
The Flight Simulator Screensaver puts fighter jets on your screen.

This amazing screensaver will allow you to enjoy the feeling of flying at high speeds without any of the risks involved.

It will show you a group of fighter jets speeding through the sky, almost all of the time at low altitude.

You will be able to see the trail left by airplanes, with a beautiful background of different terrains and skies. The fighter jets will fly over green fields, across rivers and ravines, or even blast inside a canyon until they fly out at full speed.

The graphics are very well made, both for the aircraft as for the terrain. And you will be able to enjoy the scenery accompanied by your favorite music.

Flight Simulator Screensaver includes an integrated MP3 player so you can fly and listen to your own tunes. Or just listen to the sound of the jets roar above you.

There are many options that can be personalized to your desire: colors, number of planes, speed and much more.

You will surely spend several hours with this screensaver. Just remember that you have to go back to work.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very nice
  • Excellent sound
  • The MP3 player is a great idea


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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